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How about your very own Villa and a secluded beach for your next vacation?

Located near the peaceful and quiet community of Black Point, Exuma is Exuma Bay Beach Villa.
Enjoy at your leisure, crystal-clear turquoise waters and one of The Bahamas’ most beautiful untouched cove beach. The Villa is surrounded by nature’s scenic views. We invite you and 10 of your family members or friends to stay at Exuma Bay Resort and Marina. We have separate cottages with private entrances, a common area, decks, beaching, snorkel equipment and so much more.

Some of the Beach Villa’s special features include vaulted ceilings in its center cottage with a lovely room design, a living room, dining and kitchenette areas, laundry facilities and a lookout tower upstairs in its loft suite. These areas/facilities provide a central area in the center cottage for all of its guests and others to gather and relax in a comfortable atmospheric surrounding. 

Exuma Bay Beach Villa is attractively unique and designed for pleasant entertainment and accommodation of guests year round, and can be reserved individually or in its entirety to accommodate guests/families of up to ten persons at a time.  Secure a visit and you will enjoy a fantastic trip of a lifetime. Book Now!